The Tiber Island has been often the stage place or the background for the movies set and shot in Rome. Here it is shown a choice of trailers with the indication of the movies they are selected from.
The links on the titles display in a new window more information about the movie from the website (Internet Movie DataBase)
All the trailer here shown are available on the web and therefore they are considered of public domain.

1 - L'onorevole Angelina (Luigi Zampa) - 1947
The Tiber river flooding of February 1947: the Emilio bridge (Ponte Rotto) and the Tiber Island, the Sant'Angelo bridge, the Duca d'Aosta bridge and the Milvio bridge. Angelina Bianchi (Anna Magnani) is carried out on a boat from his house at Pigneto.
Trailer Length: 1'01"

2 - Nettezza Urbana (Michelangelo Antonioni) - 1948
The second documentary by Antonioni (also known as: N.U.) recounts the working day of the street sweepers in Rome through the most known places of Rome, among which the Tiber Island.
Length: 33"

3 - L'amore in città (Varied directors) - 1953
The movie consists of various episodes directed by different directors: in the 'episode "Tentato suicidio" [Attempted suicide] by Michelangelo Antonioni, the protagonist (Rita Josa) comes to the Palatino bridge with the Tiber Island in the background and decides to commit suicide on the river bank near the Mazzini bridge.
Trailer Length: 3'18"

4 - Racconti Romani (Gianni Franciolini) - 1955
After having spent one night in the jail because of Alvaro (Franco Fabrizi), their friends revenge on him.
Trailer Length: 1'51"

5 - Donatella (Mario Monicelli) - 1956
Donatella (Elsa Martinelli) crosses Garibaldi Bridge, still in its old steel structure, rebuilt  in masonry in 1958.
Trailer Length: 17"

6 - Arrivederci Roma (Roy Rowland) - 1958
Marc Revere (Mario Lanza) and Raffella Marini (Marisa Allasio) watch from the helicopter the wonderful aerial views of Rome, among which the Tiber Island, while Pepe Bonelli (Renato Rascel) sings "Venticello de Roma".
Trailer Length: 25"

7 - L'Avventura (Michelangelo Antonioni) - 1960
Anna (Lea Massari), together with Claudia (Monica Vitti), comes to the Tiber Island where Sandro (Gabriele Ferzetti) is waiting for her.
Trailer Length: 1'33"

8 - Night of Earth (Jim Jarmush) - 1991
The movie tells about various taxi drivers stories (italian title: Taxisti di notte) set in different American and European towns. In Rome Roberto Benigni is the taxi driver.
Trailer Length: 1'29"