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Herebelow are listed the books written by the website author and self published.
In addition to a short description of the works, there are enclosed the references of the publications, either for the traditional paper edition or for the new eBook version.

Il ponte Emilio (2008)

    From the Pons Aemilius to the Ponte Rotto, the history of the most ancient masonry bridge in Rome.
The history of the pons Aemilius (today ponte Rotto - Broken bridge) reconstructed through a careful study of the historical sources, with particular attention to those contemporary to the described events, eventually clarifies a some controversial interpretations about its troubled life.


1st edition July 2008 - Dimensions 15x23cm - Soft Cover - black&white - 32 pages - Published and sold by www.ilmiolibro.it


2nd edition February 2015 - Dimensions 15x21cm - Soft Cover - black&white - 32 pages - Published by Author and sold HERE


Duos Pontes (2014)

    As a completion of the essay on the Roman bridges of the Tiber island, which began with the publication of "Il Ponte Emilio", here it is a paper on the bridges Fabricius and Cestius, i.e. the Duos Pontes, which connect the island to the banks of the Tiber.
The historiographical description is complemented by the analysis of the relationship and the mutual influence between the bridges and the Tiber. Three Appendixes complete the work by introducing original elements of observation and analysis.


1st edition June 2014 - Dimensions 15x23cm - Soft Cover - black&white - 80 pages - Published and sold by www.ilmiolibro.it


Roma sparita - Vanished Rome (2015)

Rome at the end of XIX Century as shown in the watercolors of Ettore Roesler Franz compared wit the present Rome.
A project conceived and started forty years ago finally comes to fruition.
An idea that led to investigating and retracing the one hundred and twenty locations painted in the watercolors by E.R. Franz on the Rome of the late '800 that was rapidly changing.
For each painting the original position and direction of view have been identified, obtaining, whenever possible, the equivalent current view.


1st edition September 2015; 1st reprint Februsry 2017 - Hard cover book 24x22cm.

In two languages (Italian and English) 276 pages full color - Published by Intra Moenia -Naples– www.intramoenia.it

EAN 9788874211678 | two languages: Italian and English | hard cover | pages 276 | dim. 24x22 | € 35.00

SOld in the bookstorea and online at:
Amazon - IBS (Mondadori/Hoepli) - Feltrinelli - Libreria Universitaria
and also in NY at Michael Shamansky, Bookseller

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