Project for the accessibility of the Tiber island

An outdoor museum for everybody
Valentina Piscitelli AND Lucilla ventura Architects

The Project is the winner of the 10th edition of the Training Course "PROGETTARE PER TUTTI" A.Y. 2001/2002  

The considered area has environmental and symbolic values strengthened by the presence of Tiber river. The project of a museum relevant to the Tiber Island, an area that is "hystorically" inaccessible due to the high difference in height caused by the orographic layout and the man approach during the past times, claims the easy use in high safe conditions and autonomy through the concept of a multidiscipline project that takes into account the support available from new technologies.

An equipped route provided with multifunctional totems constitutes a circular system, pedestrian, protected, multisensorial, accessible for everybody.

The multisensorial route:
Touch, sight, hearing, taste, sense of smell are the five senses taken into consideration to better and simultaneously guarantee the best conditions of accessibility and comfort.
1 - A tactile-travelling route.
2 - A luminous "guidance" and anti-intrusive devices are located alongside the internal and external borders of the path.
3 - Modular fitted elements (multimedial totems and sitting devices) delimit the route and fulfil the usability of the area and the surrounding environmental system. 
4 - Attraction poles and communication/information points are arranged every 100 mt.
5 - Trees and aromatic vegetation.

Accessibility of the area:
Two access ways are foreseen: 
- pedestrian only, from St. Bartolomeo sq. to the "lungotevere" at the old jewish ghetto side through the Fabricio bridge; 
- pedestrian and restricted for aid vehicles and electric mini-bus, from the area behind St. Bartolomeo sq. to the "lungotevere" at Trastevere side through the Cestio bridge.
An electric minibus stops at St. Bartolomeo sq. where it is possible to rent electric scooters and baby transporters.
The project includes a ramp protected by physical and detecting anti-intrusive devices (D.P.R. n° 384/78 e l. 122/89), that allows to overcame the difference in height between the square and the banks. Near the mini-bus stop an elevator-platform (model Alimak P400 P 600) operates as an alternative to the above ramp and the existing stairs. Small ramps help to overcome minor level gaps. 

Tactile-travelling route 1 - Tactile-travelling route LOGES system

2 - Anti-intrusive devices/luminous guidances:
- Linear optical fibres on the floor "sidelight" SFC401ILTI (LIGHT BOX 150w HQI PH 3100 – 60 mt.) outdoor wired.
- Luminous handrails "fluxus garden" ILTY h.20 (1x8W- 1x11W – 1x13W T2 IP65)
- Anti-intrusive devices "fluxus garden" ILTY h.90 (1x8W- 1x11W – 1x13W T2 IP65)
- Steel framed street lamps 300 cm height with spot lighting.

Modular fitted elements 3 - Modular fitted elements:
3A - Multimedial totem
A 60 x 40 x 220 cm fitted module allows a great design flexibility that takes into account motion disabilities and the various kinds of handicap.
Multimedial Totem The following modules are available for fitting: 
- tactile maps, audiovisual supports, Braille writings for orientation, recognizing of places and dangerous areas, understanding of historical/cultural and environmental characteristics;
- tactile and visual supports consisting of three-dimension models of the whole area and the main surrounding elements;
-advanced technology probes for people detection that activate the information systems (audio/video), provided in all the information points;
- communication and telematics information boxes phone, internet points);
- food dispensers;
- shelter for weather protection.
3B - Sitting devices
- modular fitted benches and ischiatic supports .

4 – Communication and information points :
- dedicated areas equipped for information and communication, refreshments, natural surroundings watching.

5 – Trees and aromatic vegetation:
- populus nigra "italica", pinus pinea, convolvulus arvensis, galega officinalis, lythurum salicaria, verbascum thapsus.


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