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The Jewish Hospital is currently integrated in the sanitary system of the Lazio Region, being open by now to all the citizens and organized to treat all pathologies. Nevertheless it is qualified in particular for the surgery of the hand and as a geriatric structure: this in coherence with its tradition of closeness to the home for the old, the above mentioned Ricovero per Israeliti Poveri Invalidi. In 1975 the Jewish Hospital was classified as "Specialized pict.E1 - The  Hospital side to St.Bartholomew square. The access  main door is visible at the left of the churchGeriatrical Provincial Hospital".
In 1970 the Medical Management of the hospital, the Hospital Wards, the Day Hospital, the Analysis Laboratory, the Radiology and the Surgery departments have been transferred to the Magliana area in Fulda Str., as well as the Ricovero per Israeliti Poveri Invalidi, that become independent in 2001 and transferred again to Portuense Str. in 2003. Only the General and pict.E2 - The Hospital side to Tiber in a nocturnal picture Administrative Management's offices and a great specialized health clinic are still in the old rooms at the first and second floor of the ex-monastery of St. Bartholomew, recently restored within the works for the 2000 Jubilee (pict.E1 and E2). A third health clinic has been established in 2000 in the Marconi area.
The Hospital has altogether 120 bed places; 24 are reserved to surgical day-hospital service with that provides more than 20.000 operations per year. Within a project assigned in 2000 by the Lazio Region to the hospital, at present oncological and integrated attendance is provided at home to about 80 patients.
In the second half of 1980's a controversy, not yet solved, arose between the Hospital and the Association for the Historical Museum of the Tiber Island (AMSIT), the last claiming the right to use the Palace Pierleoni Caetani including the rooms currently occupied by the Hospital.
References in Rome:
Jewish Hospital (head office and surgery): Via Fulda 14 (in the Portuense-Magliana area)
Surgeries: Tiber Island - Piazza San Bartolomeo all'Isola n.21 and Via Veronese 59 (in the Marconi area).